Check last places for Open Camps 2017

27.03.2017 | redakce

Foto: redakce
First termine is booked for 95%. Second and third one has a several free spaces for your floorball experience.

Floorball seasson is finishing and it means that Open Camps 2007 are comming. There is a summarize of free spaces in all termines. This year you can expect boys and girls from Czech republic, China, Singapore or Sweden. What a mix!

1.TERMINE (2. - 8.7.) - hostel fully booked, 3 free spaces.
2.TERMINE (16. - 22.7.) - 13 free spaces.
3.TURNUS 23. - 29.7.) - 11 free spaces.


Have a nice day!

Tatran Střešovice

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